Monday, September 26, 2016

Island Colors Exhibit at Village Artisans

I'm having an exhibit during the month of October at Village Artisans with all of my recent quilts that I've made using Island Batik fabrics. The quilts in the show are: "Flight," "Branches," "Depth," "Window Web," "In Search of the Yellow Submarine," "Purple Raindrop," "Lavender Mountains," "Mini Mountains," "Psychedelic Pumpkin," "Delightful Daisy," "Mini Flight," and of course "Island Colors." I'll also have the three table runners there.

Village Artisans is located at 100 Corry St. in Yellow Springs. The show runs through Nov. 6 and is open M-Th from 11a-5p, F-Sa from 11a-6p, and Su from noon-5p. There will be a reception on Fri., Oct. 14 from 6-9p, during the Yellow Springs Fall Art Stroll.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

More Island Batik Minis!

Left to right: "Mini Flight," "Delightful Daisy," and "Island Colors," all 6"x6"x1", made by Pam Geisel, September 2016

I found it very satisfying last month when I was able to use up the leftover fabric pieces from "Depth" to create other projects, that I was inspired to find a way to use up some of the leftover pieces from when I made "Flight" back in June.

So I made a table runner that was similar and also two 6 x 6 mini canvases using Island Batik fabrics from the pre-cut California Creamery jelly roll, and the blues and purples from the Wind & Sea colletcion, the Desert Rose collection, and the Sweet Pea collection.

Here's a closer look at the finished pieces:

"Mini Flight" is similar to the larger Flight and the table runner, but with 14 blues or purples. Each strip is only half an inch high. Here's a photo of it in progress:

=  =  =

"Island Colors" uses the same fabrics but instead has 28 squares of blue and purple fabrics that are half an inch square with the half inch cream strips above and below.

Here's a photo of it in progress:

To get those tiny pieces to line up easily (and not have them disappear down the hole the needle goes into), I fused them to a piece of fusible innerfacing, folded it in half lengthwise and sewed the scant quarter inch seam the whole way down. Then I folded where the fabrics met and sewed those down with a scant quarter inch seam.

=  =  =

"Delightful Daisy" uses background pieces leftover from "Psychadelic Pumpkin" but the eight petals are each a different piece of the California Creamery jelly roll. Because the cream colors are so light I fused the pieces to a piece of white fabric so the orange and reds wouldn't show through. 

No in progress photo, but here's a close-up:

The petals are raw edge applique and there's a piece of green thread couched down for the stem (the same yarn that I used for the sea plants in "In Search of the Yellow Submarine.") An antique goldish button was sewn in the middle of the flower.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bountiful Table Runners

From left: "Three Pines," "Berries & Wine," and "Flight" table runners made by Pam Geisel, Sept. 2016

This month the Island Batik Ambassador's are making pieces that fit the theme "Bountiful Table Runners." I made three table runners this month using Island Batik fabrics. Two of these might look a little familiar as they are based on previous projects that I've made using Island Batik fabrics.

=  =  =

"Three Pines" is based on the 6" x 6" mini that I did for "Christmas in July" except that it has an inner border the same color as the tree trunks, and an outer border.

The fabric in the outer border is kind of a water-color style with purple, blue and gold and has images of forest animals including moose, deer, elk, and wolves. I used fabrics from the from the Holiday Happenings collection,

=  =  =

"Flight" is based on the art quilt I made for the "Modern Batik Challenge." I used what was left of the pre-cut California Creamery jelly roll.

The 27 blue and purple fabrics came from the Wind & Sea colletcion, the Desert Rose collection, and the Sweet Pea collection (from last year).

=  =  =

"Berries & Wine" was made using some of the pieces from a charm pack (5" squares) from the Hollywood Hills collection.

As always, you can see any of the photos larger by clicking on them.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Island Batik Fabric Winner!

And the winner of these two fabric groupings of the Island Batik precut fabric from the Island Batik Ambassador Seaside Summer Blog Hop is...

And #30 is...Kathy E! You can check out her blog Sparkles, Sprinkles and Everyday Crap to see what she makes with these lovely fabrics!

Friday, September 2, 2016

"Branches" featuring Island Batik's "Landscape" Collection

"Branches," 31 x 42, made by Pam Geisel, Aug. 2016

There was an additional collection that the Island Batik Ambassador's received, titled "Landscapes." With the addition of a half yard of a nice, deep, Island Batik black fabric, I made "Branches." I didn't want to use small pieces of them because I was concerned that they wouldn't have the same effect.

I cut the 3.5" x 44" of the blue, green and brown fabrics, and seven 2.5" x 44" strips of the black fabric. I wasn't planning on making it 44" tall but since that's how long the fabric was I decided to just use the whole length.

I laid the strips on my sewing table and they took up so much room I had to move my sewing machine off of it!

I added thin black strips at angles on top of the colored fabrics. I used some fusible bias tape to save time, then I pieced the strips and the colored pieces together.

I used a black batting for the first time and the only tricky part was that it was the same color as the black fabric and sometimes hard to see where the fabric ended and the extra batting began!

I quilted stitch-in-the-ditch with black thread along the black edges and also across the thin black strips (since they were just fused down and not exactly permanently attached). Then I added a faced binding.

I really like the contrast of the colored fabric with the black. I looks like stained glass to me.

As always, you can click on any of the photos to see them larger.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Depth" for the Seaside Summer Blog Hop!

"Depth," 24" x 24", made by Pam Geisel, Aug. 2016

Welcome to the "Wind and Sea" collection in the Island Batik Ambassador's "Seaside Summer" Blog Hop!

We were challenged to use at least 8 of the fabrics in the collection and create a piece that was at least 24" x 24". Bonus points if it fit the theme of "Seaside Summer." (Just kidding, there aren't any points given.)

You might recognize some of these fabrics, as I used four of them for the "Eiffel Tower" I made for the "Playful Piecing" challenge back in May.

As I thought about the theme of Seaside Summer and looked at the fabrics, an image popped into my head, the way that water looks from below, or how it looks with the sunlight reflecting off the top of it. This wasn't something that I wanted to recreate literally, but I wanted to suggest that image.

I was drawn to the five blue/green fabrics and wanted to use them in long strips. I needed to include three more fabrics. I thought the lime would make a nice pop.

The next morning we went out for breakfast and I notice the images on my husband's shirt. There are pinwheels there, but what I was really drawn to was the "x" shape with the square in the middle. I could use the blue strips to make the overall "x" shape and use two other fabrics to make the center block!

Now that I had my idea, I was ready to begin!

I did a little math to figure out that I needed to sew three sets of strips (the five blue/greens and the one thin lime strip). Above are two of the three sets of strips waiting to be sewn together.

The triangle template kind of looks like a sailboat on the water, doesn't it?

I made a card stock template of my triangle then cut three triangles from each of the three sets of stripes. I like this technique for making triangles from strips but there is a bit of waste. I ended up with 9 triangles and I only needed 8 so there would be one leftover. There were also leftover half-triangle pieces from the left and right sides. (Don't worry, I didn't throw them away, keep reading.)

The 8 triangles waiting to be sewn together as squares. After they were sewn I trimmed 4" off the left and top sides so that the middle seam would no longer be in the center. This provided some more leftover pieces.

Next I sewed the dark purple borders around my purple square, folded the edges under. Unlike my inspiration image, I decided to turn it 45 degrees and lined the points up with the seams, then I machine appliqued it to the background.

I quilted with Superior Thread’s Fantastico #5156 that is variegated green/blue/purple, quilting 1/4" outside of the seams and going into the purple diamond. I thought it needed just a little bit more, so I added some lime green yarn (I've used this yarn on a lot of projects) inside the purple diamond where the two purples meet. I did a knife-edge facing for the binding.

What about the leftover pieces?

I had one piece that was large enough to cover a 6" x 6" canvas, so in keeping with the "Seaside Summer" theme I made this little piece:

"In Search of the Yellow Submarine." 6" x 6" on canvas, by Pam Geisel, Aug. 2016

The submarine was made with the yellow fabric from the Sea Salt Sandy collection and is a fused raw-edged applique to the background. Yarn was couched (sewn on top) to create the sea plants and six brown buttons (stacked in twos) were sewn on for the porthole windows.

And I had enough long, thin pieces to make a dozen bookmarks. And one fabric card (not shown).

Then there were several smaller pieces so I just kept sewing them together until I had nine 4" squares and I used eight of them to make this piece:

"Window Web," 17" x 17", made by Pam Geisel, Aug. 2016

Instead of using all nine squares I arranged eight of them around another piece of fabric from the "Wind and Sea" collection. I pieced the lime green as sashing and an inner border, then used one of the original blues for a border.

I quilted lines on a 45 degree angle creating large diamond shapes then couched more of that lime green yarn where the borders meet. Again I used a knife-edge facing for the binding.

A Seaside Snack:

Did you know that Goldfish crackers now makes pretzels that are shaped like goldfish? That seemed like the perfect thing to have with peanuts and raisins for a seaside snack. (And you can always add some chocolate chips or M-n-Ms!)


And now it's time for the giveaway! I'm giving away two groupings of fabrics measuring 5" x 44" each. To enter, leave a comment by midnight on Sept. 2. One winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Sept 4.

Be sure to check out Patchwork Breeze who also made something with the "Wind & Sea" fabrics. And don't forget to visit the other blog hops, most are also hosting a giveaway, so you won't want to miss out! You can find the list of participating blogs here.

And you can win even more fabric from the Island Batik giveaway here:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blog Hop: Island Batik Ambassador's "Seaside Summer" Kick Off

The Island Batik Ambassador's are hosting a blog hop. Each day over the next couple of weeks, we’ll feature a new fabric collection and link to at least one Ambassador blog to see what she made with these wonderful fabrics. Be sure to follow along every day as we have lots of goodies to give away!

Here’s the schedule with the dates and collection names:

M 8/15 - Rain Forest
Kissed Quilts

Tu 8/16 - Red Tide
Free Motion by the River
Mary Mack Made Mine

W 8/17 - Sand Dune
Purrfect Spots
KnitBug 2

Th 8/18 - Seashore
Pamela Quilts
Maria Michael Designs
Kissed Quilts

F 8/19 - Surf Squirt
Quilting Affection
Archipelago Quilting

M 8/22 - Tradewinds

Arkangel Creations
Bejeweled Quilts

Tu 8/23 - Equinox
Kauffman Designs
Adele Mogavero - Del~Lillian's

W 8/24 - Sea Canyon
Lemon Tree Snippets
Bea Quilter

Th 8/25 - Sea Foam
Stone Cottage Quilts

F 8/26 - Spoolin' Around
Sallys Quilting Corner

M 8/29 - Tide Pools
Inchworm Fabrics

Tu 8/30 - Wind and Sea

For Quilts Sake
Patchwork Breeze

W 8/31 - Spring Zing
Desert Bloom Quilting
Adventurous Applique and Quilting

Th 9/1 - Splash
The Patchwork Pearl
Kissed Quilts

F 9/2 - Landscapes
For Quilts Sake