Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Quilting: Season 2, Challenge 3...Be My Valentine

My quilt "Sometimes I Dream of Flying" that I made for the last challenge came in second in the judge's voting! And even though it feels like I just finished the last challenge, it's time for a new one:

1. The inspiration is Be My Valentine.

2. The main colors of your project will be something other than red or pink. You can use small amounts of red and pink, but the overall color should be something else.

3. You cannot use the word "Valentine" on the front of your project. You may use it in the name if you wish.

Sounds simple. Maybe too simple. I'm going to try to not over think this.

Photos of your entry must be posted to the Project Quilting Flickr Group by Sun., Feb. 13 at noon CDT. If you want to check out the entries, you can go to the Flickr group.

I'll post my entry once I've finished it (and also tell you how to vote for me!)

Here's where you can go to find out more about today's challenge:
Challenge 3: Be My Valentine

Here's where you can go to see this year's schedule:
Project Quilting Season 2

And here's where you can go to read about the first season:
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