Monday, August 6, 2018

Art on the Lawn, Sat. Aug. 11 in Yellow Springs

Me at Art on the Lawn last year.

Art on the Lawn is this Saturday, Aug 11 from 10 am-5 pm at Mills Lawn, 200 S. Walnut St. in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I'll be there under the shade of the trees with my art. There will be around 100 artists, plus some food vendors and live musicians. The show is sponsored by Village Artisans, where I am a member.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Black & White African Safari Baby Quilt

"Black & White African Safari" baby quilt, 34" x 34", handmade by Pam Geisel

In October, Village Artisans is having a community lobby show with the theme B&W+1 (black and white plus one color). In August, the Quiltsy Team (a group of on-line quilters on Etsy) is having a challenge called "Black & White & Spread All Over" in which we were to make something that was, you guessed it, black and white plus one color! Two birds! One stone!

I have several black & white fabrics in my stash so I chose one that had black and white drawings of African safari animals including giraffes, zebras, elephants, and cheetahs. I decided that my plus one color would be red.

I pieced them with alternating black or red squares, with the red squares in the center. I also added a thin red inner border around the squares.

I added a black outer border then quilted "x"s through the squares using red thread. The backing and binding are a black & white zebra print.

You can see the other Quiltsy Team pieces on their Pinterest page. The exhibit at Village Artisans (in Yellow Springs) will be Oct. 4-Nov. 13 with an artist reception on Oct. 19 from 6-9 pm.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Using Hand Dyed Fabrics featured in Art Quilting Studio Magazine

Two of my art quilts, "Daybreak is Your Midnight" and "Early Morning Nine Patch" are featured in Art Quilting Studio's Magazine's Summer 2018 issue.

The article that I wrote gives a brief description on how I made both of these pieces which use hand dyed fabrics and also has lists some places where you can buy hand dyed fabrics on-line.

Art Quilting Studio, which used to be published only two times a year, is now published quarterly! It is packed full of new quilting techniques and innovative design ideas.

It is one of many publications put out by Stampington & Company. I've heard it's available at some Joann stores. You can find a store near you where it's sold or order it directly from the Stampington website.

=  =  =

Another way I like to use hand dyed fabrics is when I make bookmarks which can be found on my Etsy page.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sheep Dreams Baby Quilt for Quiltsy Team Baby Quilt Challenge

"Sheep Dreams" baby quilt, 32" x 32", handmade by Pam Geisel

The Quiltsy Team, the Etsy Quilting group, decided to have a baby quilt challenge with all of us using the same fabric. 23 quilters signed up to participate.

The fabric selected was "Lewe's Balloons" from the Lewe the Ewe collection by World of Susie Bee. Suzy also paints murals at the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

You can vote for your favorite on the Quiltsy blog through May 31. To do this, scroll down to where the quilts are numbered. If you click on one you will go to Etsy page where you can see more photos of the quilt. To vote go back to the blog and click on the little heart in the upper right hand corner of the photo. I'm #16. After May 31 you can check out the Quiltsy Pinterest Page for the entries.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Quilting for a Cause

8" x 8" quilt square made for the Rocky Mountain Threads of Life Donor Family Quilt Project to honor Tess LeAnn Smith who loved the beach and also Christmas.

There are a lot of worthy causes that quilters support including:

- the AIDS Memorial quilt honoring those who have died from AIDS
Project Linus which provides quilts to kids in need
Quilts of Valor for veterans and service members
Kennel Quilts made for animals affected by natural disasters
Threads of Resistance for political protest quilts
- the 70237 Project honoring the 70,273 disabled people killed by Nazis before the Holocaust began

One cause that I didn't know about until recently was the Rocky Mountain Threads of Life Donor Family Quilt Project to commemorate individuals who have given the gift of life through the donation of organs and/or tissue.

I had the honor of creating the quilt square above to commemorate Tess Smith who was skiing with her friends in Colorado on a ski trip when she broke her leg. Unfortunately, a small fatty embolism found it's way to her brain and she died suddenly. Her mother says that the decisions made that weekend were difficult, but the one to donate her organs was not.

Tess LeAnn Smith was granted her angel wings on March 5, 2017. Her final days were spent surrounded by family and friends that Tess had touched in major ways throughout her short, yet very memorable life. She was born on June 27, 2001 in Wichita, Kansas. Tess's life would seem too short to many, but those who were touched by her understood that the quality of existence far exceeds the quantity of time in which one lives. She led a life as beautiful and blessed as she was. She preferred to spend her time with friends and family, dancing, traveling, listening to music and taking selfies. She loved to explore and see new parts of the world, although some of her favorite places to visit were Starbucks and Victoria's Secret. She was truly a walking testament of someone who valued others before herself, as she loved to make new friends and cherished relationships with many.

I never met Tess but her mother tells me that
 - Her favorite color was pink
 - Her favorite movie was Endless Love
 - She was in love, his name was Andre’
 - Favorite place to shop was Pink/Victoria’s Secret
 - She loved Starbucks Frappucinos
 - Her favorite song was The Little Things by Big Gigantic
 - She loved to read and write poetry
 - Favorite flower was a pink rose
 - She loved Yankee Candles, always had one burning in her bedroom
 - Favorite TV show was Law & Order
 - Favorite Food was plain spaghetti – no sauce, no meatballs
 - Favorite Holiday was Christmas
 - Language arts was her favorite subject
 - Math was her least favorite subject
 - Had her favorite blanket she took on every vacation and even overnight sleepovers
 - She had a room full of clothes, but her favorites came from her big brothers closet
 - Loved to play Pitch – and was good at it
 - Didn’t like to play board games, but would play if her brother promised to take her to QuikTrip
 - She took kickboxing classes, and was a natural
 - Favorite place to be was the beach
 - Best friend was Madelyn
 - Favorite pet was her dog Roscoe
 - Loved a cup of hot Green Tea before bedtime
 - Favorite book was “Me Before You”
 - Favorite restaurant was Olive Garden
 - Planned on attending University of Texas
 - Nickname = Tessie. When she was little we called her Tessy Messy
 - Summer was her favorite Season
 - Collected Angels
 - Caramel Flan was her favorite dessert
 - The Place she dreamed most about visiting was Paris

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Louie for Use It Up Blog Hop

"Louie 2," 23" x 14", made by Pam Geisel, Apr. 2018

Welcome to the final day of the Island Batik Ambassador Alumni's "Use It Up" Blog Hop! The Alumni are former ambassadors who still love to use Island Batik fabrics and we decided to have our own little blog hop to use up our Island Batik fabrics. (Not going to happen any time soon for me as I still have a lot.)

For this blog hop I decided to revisit one of my previous quilts and remake it using Island Batik fabrics, so let me introduce you to Louie. Louie is a barn owl and one of the resident raptors at the Glen Helen Raptor Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

I used the eight fabrics in the back for the background, blending from light to dark and added some brown couched yarn to every other square before piecing. The three cream colored fabrics in the front were used to make Louie. I couched the same brown yarn along the tree branch and some white handspun yarn around Louie's head and where the binding meets the quilt.

As always, you can click on any of the photos to see them larger and if you missed any of the other "Use It Up" posts you can find the links to them here.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Blog Hop: Island Batik Ambassador Alumni's "Use It Up"

The Island Batik Ambassador Alumni (quilters who used to be ambassadors but aren't currently but still love Island Batik fabrics) are hosting a blog hop. Each day this week, we’ll feature one or two quilters and their projects using Island Batik fabrics. Be sure to follow along every day as we have lots of great quilted projects to share with you.

Here’s the schedule with links to the blogs:

M 4/16 - Lemon Tree Snippets

Tu 4/17 - Seams To Be Sew & Mary Macks Blog

W 4/18 - One Quilting Circle & Seams Like a Dream

Th 4/19 - Tammarinis & Kathy’s Kwilts and More

F 4/20 - Inspired Layers & Kissed Quilts

Sa 4/21 - Purrfect Spots & Patchwork Breeze

Su 4/22 - For Quilts Sake

Monday, April 2, 2018

Project Quilting Wrap Up & PRIZES!

Project Quilting entries (top row, left to right): Yellow Springs Yarn Bomb, Peaceful Ocean Waves baby quilt, Shine; (bottom row, left to right): Rain(bow) Drop, Mug Rug Quilts, 3D Flying Geese quilted postcards

There were 667 quilts were made in Season 9 and 52 people participated in all six challenges. I was one of the 52 who did all six. My personal goal this season was to be colorful and use rainbows when possible. (My instincts were pretty good as half of the Viewer's Choice winners featured rainbow colors.)

I like Project Quilting because it challenges me to think differently and I've made some of my favorite pieces for the challenges. I also like that there's a chance to win prizes, and this year I won two of the randomly drawn "Ultimate Weekly Sponsor" prizes.

From the Bold & Brave Challenge I won a $50 Gift Certificate from Therm-o-web. With my art quilts I can go through a lot of fusible web, so that will come in handy.

From the Mellow Yellow Challenge I won a plethora of goodies from Wise Craft Handmade including a signed copy of the book Wise Craft Quilts, a set of English Paper Piecing templates, a 5" Ruby Ruler, and a quilt pattern of my choice.

Season 9 of Project Quilting is over but now it's time for the monthly off season Project Quilting Challenges. There aren't prizes for these challenges, but you do have a full month to complete them. The theme for April is "April Fools."

So a big thanks to Kim of Persimon Dreams for hosting Project Quilting, and a special thanks to Therm-o-Web

Saturday, March 24, 2018

3D Rainbow Flying Geese - Project Quilting

Two quilted postcards, curved and straight, 6" x 4" each, made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 9, Challenge 6: SCRAPtastic, Mar. 2018 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Challenge recap for "SCRAPtastic":

Your project must use a MINIMUM of twelve (12) fabrics, no matter how small the piece. You, of course, are welcome to use more than 12 if you wish.

So many ideas, so little time. For this project I got into my Project Quilting "Focus Through the Prism" Cherrywood fabrics, although that group only had seven fabrics so I added a light purple, a medium purple, a dark green, plus the red batik at the top and the black fabric to have 12 fabrics.

The "Flying Geese" started as 1" squares that were cut in half diagonally and then attached to the background by sewing them through the middle and leaving their points unattached, so they can curl up or whatever they want. I couched black yarn over the thread that sewed down the triangles.

I couldn't decide on an arrangement of the Flying Geese triangles and I had a whole extra set so I made two postcards.

Click on any of the photos to see larger images.

To read more about Project Quilting, go here.

To see other entries for this challenge, visit the SCRAPtastic challenge page.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Four Reversible Quilt Related Mug Rugs - Project Quilting

Four reversible quilt-related mug rugs, 10.5" x 8.25" each, made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 9, Challenge 5: A Stitch in Time, Mar. 2018 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Challenge recap for "A Stitch in Time":

Literally or figuratively interpret the idiom "a stitch in time saves nine"

So seven years ago I bought some little fabric panels with a print that had comfy arm chairs with quilts on them, plus the same quilt with all twelve blocks showing, but I didn't know what I was going to do with them. So for almost every Project Quilting challenge since then, I'd take the fabric out and look at it and see if the current challenge inspired me to use them. 

All of the quilt sides

All of the chair sides

Finally this week inspiration struck. The literal interpretation of "Stitch" (it's hard to see in these photos but there and some lines printed on them as if they were hand stitches).

What would these fabrics become? Mug rugs!

I quilted them (with no backing) then fused them together so the quilt on the back was the same as the quilt on the chair, then I bound them.

Stitch - what holds the quilts together. Time - I wish I had time to sit in that comfy chair and sew! Nine - one of the quilt patterns has a nine-patch variation.

Click on any of the photos to see larger images.

To read more about Project Quilting, go here.

To see other entries for this challenge, visit the A Stitch in Time challenge page.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rain(bow) Drop - Project Quilting

"Rain(bow) Drop," art is 4" x 5" in a 5.5" x 6.5" (exterior measurements) frame, made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 9, Challenge 4: Mellow Yellow, Feb. 2018 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Challenge recap for "Mellow Yellow":

"Yellow is a color that frightens many quilters. It's true, yellow sometimes can overpower a design. But it's also a happy color, so focus on that this week."

Personally I'm not afraid of the color yellow...I live in Yellow Springs after all. But I did learn in my graphic design years that yellow doesn't have a lot of shades to it like the other colors so it doesn't have as much contrast and you can only make it so dark.

For this project I painted some drops of color in a tear drop or egg shape (subconsciously thinking of the drink Mello Yello or it's competitor Mountain "Dew"?) 

I fused this to a yellow background then quilted around the raw edges with white thread then free motion quilted in the white spaces between the colors.

I added 11 seed beads in matching rainbow colors going across the drops. I put it in a small black frame which has an easel back and can go both horizontal or vertical.

One interesting note about quilting with the color yellow: I no longer buy any yellow thread. If I have a yellow fabric and I want to quilt with a similar color on top of it, I use my tan thread which will look yellow enough.

Click on any of the photos to see larger images.

To read more about Project Quilting, go here.

To see other entries for this challenge, visit the Mellow Yellow challenge page.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Shine - Project Quilting

"Shine," art is 4" x 5" in a 5" x 6" (exterior measurements) frame, made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 9, Challenge 3: Bold and Brave, Feb. 2018 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Challenge recap for "Bold and Brave":

Your project should be about bravery: Try a new technique! Honor someone's courage! Conquer your own fears!

Being a graphic designer, when I think of "Bold" I think of typefaces. I did a Google search and there are many inspirational memes encouraging people to "Be Bold." I decided to use the word "Shine" but instead of making in a bold typeface, I chose a script typeface.

To play up the bold theme, I painted some fabric with a boldly colored rainbow splotch then embroidered the word on top of it. I don't do embroidery and my sewing machine doesn't do embroidery so this was the brave part: I did it with the sewing machine by free motion. 

I printed the word out the size I wanted it then traced it in reverse on to the back of the fabric and using my free motion foot, I went over the outline several times with a white thread. When that didn't show up enough I did it, this time from the front, with a varigated shiny blue and green thread. This also didn't show up enough so I did one single layer with navy thread, so you could still see the other colored thread behind it.

I fussy cut the whole thing around the rainbow shape, fused it to a hand-painted navy fabric with stars on it, machine quilted some lines shining from the rainbow cloud, added some subtle shine by hand sewing blue sequins to the background, then I put it into the frame.

Click on any of the photos to see larger images.

To read more about Project Quilting, go here.

To see other entries for this challenge, visit the Bold & Brave challenge page.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Peaceful Ocean Waves Baby Quilt - Project Quilting

"Peaceful Ocean Waves," 32" x 32", made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 9, Challenge 2: Traingulation, Jan. 2018 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Challenge recap for "Triangulation":

Your project should be (as much as possible) primarily made from and characterized by triangle shapes.

I made this baby quilt using Island Batik fabrics cut into half square triangles in bright greens, blues, and purples. It is quilted with a bright blue thread stitch-in-the-ditch along the diagonal lines.

The backing is a bright blue and green batik with peace signs on it, which is why I named it "Peaceful Ocean Waves" instead of just "Ocean Waves."

Click on any of the photos to see larger images.

To read more about Project Quilting, go here.

To see other entries for this challenge, visit the Triangulation challenge page.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Yellow Springs Yarn Bomb - Project Quilting

"Yellow Springs Yarn Bomb," art is 4" x 6" in a 7" x 9" (exterior measurements) frame, made by Pam Geisel for Project Quilting, Season 9, Challenge 1: Hometown Proud, Jan. 2018 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Challenge recap for "Hometown Proud":

Be inspired by the best of you community – what makes your town special?

There are a lot of things that make our little village of Yellow Springs special, but what makes it special to me is the amount of art:
  - art galleries
  - artist co-ops (including Village Artisans, which I'm a member of)
  - an arts council
  - restaurants that display art on a rotating basis 
  - the Sunrise Cafe with murals that covers all of their interior walls 
  - seemingly random outdoor public art including our yarn bombings

To create this piece I fused some brown pieces of fabric (the tree) to a hand dyed blue background then I did zigzag stitches (as wide as my machine would go) to make the "yarn" on the tree. I probably spent more time changing the thread and bobbin colors than I did sewing the yarn.

Then I did a small free motion meander quilting around the tree and put it in a cool wood frame.

In the photo at the top of the page, the two ceramic pieces were made by other Yellow Springs artists. The pot on the left was made by Geno Luketic and the little bird was made by Carol Culbertson.

Click on any of the photos to see larger images.

To read more about Project Quilting, go here.

To see other entries for this challenge, visit the Hometown Proud challenge page.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Project Quilting Season 9

It's time for Project Quilting's ninth season! It's a three month on-line event that challenges participants to create a quilt in one week, with a week off in between. You can participate in as few or as many as you like. Participants are automatically entered into random prize drawings and at the end of the season there will be grand prizes awarded to all participants, with one entry per challenge quilt, so the more challenges you enter, the better your chances.

I've participated in every year in some form or another (and I was the overall grand prize winner of Season 2). Some of my favorite quilts that I've made were Project Quilting challenges.

The schedule for 2018 is:
Challenge 1: January 7
Challenge 2: January 21
Challenge 3: February 4
Challenge 4: February 18
Challenge 5: March 4
Challenge 6: March 18

Each challenge is posted at noon CDT and due exactly one week later at noon CDT.

Here's a post with some tips about how to participate.

The challenge will be posted on the "Persimon Dreams" Project Quilting blog and you can also find links about past seasons there. Still have questions? If so, check this out.